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3 weeks ago

Koh Tao Divers - KTD

It is finally here: The brand-new no-mount™ configuration!

For past few years we have been working on an interesting project with top equipment manufacturers and the results might change diving

The specially manufactured no-mount™ cylinders have their own buoyancy control system, so you will never end up in a situation where the cylinder gets too buoyant. The most advanced models also have “hey, not so fast” and “time to go up”- features where your cylinder gently tucks you from the hose if you are ascending too fast or staying too long too deep.

Multi-cylinder no-mount™ cylinder feature makes sure that you will have enough tanks following you around even for the most demanding decompression dives. When it is time for a gas switch the cylinder you need will simply come to you and offer the hose. In the case of no visibility or broken mask the cylinder will turn into autoswicth mode after 10 seconds!

The no-mount™ manufacturing will start by the end on 2019. Send us a message to pre-order yours. ... See more

3 weeks ago


Introducing the world's first air-integrated, hoseless regulator, the next generation AF-X from Apeks!

The AF-X combines precision engineering and our unique Air Frequency technology. Simply leave

Available today from all authorised Apeks retailers. You'd be a fool not to want one!

*Not currently suitable for Trimix dives. ... See more

3 weeks ago

Wild Animals

Sardine run

Sardine Feeding Frenzy- Whale, Shark, Dolphin and Sea Lions